FM19 Save Reveal

Could it be today that the Football Manager 2019 Beta goes live? Maybe, but as we’re close to a release and with the community buzzing over the footage we’ve seen from the #FM19CaptureEvent I thought now would be a good time to update you on my plans for FM19. 

The Beta  

Man City Thumb.png

The fashionable thing these days is to have a beta save, a save that allows you to rubbish off any poor results and play around with any new features without the strangle hold of your ‘main save’. With that in mind, I’ll be heading to Eastlands to take over the Champions of England, Manchester City.  

I’m very much aware that this will be the save that introduces me to FM19 however I always like to have my own little back story and self-imposed rules to make my saves feel a little more unique to me and in this beta period I want to discover these new features whilst introducing them into my posts, developing them into their own sub-posts much like I did with the Pellegrini tactics posts. 

Having watched the All or Nothing: Manchester City series, I’ve been gagging to start a save with Manchester’s noisy neighbours and use Pep’s notorious eye for detail to really immerse myself into two areas of the game I’m really excited for; training & tactics. 


Rock and roll football, gegenpress & tiki-taka are tactical systems that we’ll all be familiar with and with the introduction of the updated tactics creator we’ve been blessed with some preset tactical styles that will give you a great base to start emulating your favourite tactician.  

Obviously I will be looking to replicate the way Manchester City play, so a system the builds from the back, plays through the half spaces and basically entertains for 90 minutes should be a fun project to begin our journey into FM19.  


Training. Has. Changed. We’ve asked and Football Manager have certainly delivered this year. The fact that training schedules are now set into 3 sessions per day & are fully customisable makes me excited to dive under the hood and see what we can do to fully utilise what is quite frankly one of the biggest overhauls of a feature I can remember in recent years. From the limited footage I’ve seen things like training units & training ratings look like great additions that can give you a greater control over what’s happening at your football club. 

Again, with Manchester City, Pep is meticulous in the detail and drilling into training schedules is something I’ll be looking to do in my first days and weeks in charge. 

The Main Save 

Universidad De Chile Thumb.png

This is where the magic happens and we really start getting into FM19 proper. I really enjoyed The Villarreal Project and my love for Manuel Pellegrini made choosing a team for my main save very easy so we’ll be heading to Chile to take control of Club Universidad de Chile, the club where it all started for Pellegrini. 

Whilst my save outline isn’t 100% at the time of writing this post, I will likely be using legendary striker, Marcelo Salas, as my manager pseudonym and will look to follow in the footsteps of The Engineer, potentially aiming to reach the bright lights and money of the European Super Leagues… but more on that when I’ve set my objectives! 

I not only look forward to getting plenty of posts out this year, I’m really looking forward to reading & watching plenty of FM19 content, so please feel free to drop me a message if there’s anything you think I should be taking a look at. 

I wish you all good luck with your saves and as always if you want to chat about the game feel free to drop me a message on Twitter @FridayNightFM. 

Hasta luego jefe’